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ACH Authorization

The automatic withdrawal payment option is a convenient, hands-free way to ensure you never miss a payment. The same amount is withdrawn from your checking account on the same day each month. Attach a picture of a voided check with your submission, or print and return the authorization. 

Developer Connection Agreement

An agreement between a property Developer and the Buena Vista Sanitation District that specifies the legal description of the property to be served, where the Developer desires for the District to provide sewer services. Includes the Developer’s agreements, the District’s agreements, and mutual agreements.

Tenant Agreement

This form is used by landlords who wish for their tenants to have sanitation in their own name. Statements are sent “in care of” the renter to their address. In the event that the renter does not pay the statements, the owner is liable for the payments. Buena Vista Sanitation will not be responsible for contacting the owner when renters fail to pay.

Tap Permit

This application for a permit to tap the sewer line is completed by the property owner. It includes the street address and legal description, the a (if applicable), and contractor/excavator contact information. Upon approval and payment of the tap fee and inspection fee, a permit will be issued to tap the District’s service line for sanitary sewer service.  Please call the office to get the fee for the tap.  Then send the filled out tap permit application and a check for the tap fee.

Document Center

Use this page to submit requested documents to BVSD. Please indicate the document name and/or any notes. 

Food Truck Permit

This application for a food truck permit. Food trucks must have a grease trap and connection that will be inspected by Buena Vista Sanitation District prior to commencement of operations. Connection will be to an existing clean out on private property. 

ADU Agreement

Sewer Service Line Agreement for Two or More Buildings on a Shared Single Service Line – Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Agreement

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