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ADU Agreement Form

Sewer Service Line Agreement for Two or More Buildings on a Shared Single Service Line – Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Agreement

Printable ADU Agreement Form
 ADU Agreement

This agreement concerns the buildings located at the above service address, now owned by the Current Owner listed above, that are currently utilizing a single sewer service connection to the BVSD wastewater system for sewage disposal.  In accordance with the request of the Current Owner, the BVSD agrees to permit the continued used of a single sewer service connection to the BVSD wastewater Management system under the terms and conditions of the Agreement. 

In the event that the property on which the referenced buildings are located is subdivided or the ownership changes to different parties than the Current Owner and each building with its associated land becomes separately owned, then each separately owned tract of land and building must have an independent and separate sewer connection in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the BVSD.

When the property located at the above address is subdivided or all or a portion of the ownership is proposed to change, the Current Owner shall obtain a permit for each new connection and/or disconnection made to and from the Buena Vista Sanitation District’s collection system to adequately provide service to the land for which a change in ownership will be accomplished.  The new connections and/or disconnections must be made in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Buena Vista Sanitation District in effect at the time of change from one tract or ownership to two or more tracts of land or ownership parcels.  The Current Owner must pay all appropriate tap fees and recording fees to the District prior to any construction.  All connections and disconnections must be inspected and approved by the Buena Vista Sanitation District before the lines are buried.  If lines are covered the owner will uncover those lines to allow inspection.

The BVSD shall assume no responsibility nor acquire any liability for damage that may occur during any connection to its wastewater collection system.  The BVSD shall assume no responsibility for the maintenance of any lateral service line.  The Current Owner shall provide the District with the legal description of the property identified in the Agreement, so this Agreement can be recorded by the BVSD with the Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder and provide notice to other interested parties.

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