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How to Make a Payment

  1. PAY ONLINE Visit to pay online with your credit or debit card. To register, you will need the Municipality Code = BuenaVistaSanDist (no spaces, case sensitive) charge of $3.00 per $100 charge.
  2. ACH AUTO PAY Set up automatic withdrawal for convenient recurring monthly payments from your checking or savings account. Call the office and we will get you set up.
  3. MAIL payments to PO Box 3069, Buena Vista, CO 81211
  4. DROP BOX We have a drop box for completed forms and payments at City Market on the Customer Service desk, which is checked daily


We CANNOT accept credit card or ACH payments over the phone due to your safety and protection.

Statements are sent monthly. The charge is billed in arrears (e.g.: statement date 1/31 is billed for the month of January).